About Us

Bernitz Realty was founded in 2018 to facilitate investments by a group of entrepreneurs into an array of real estate opportunities from profits generated in several companies operating in the entertainment and music industry. As the portfolio developed, there was a desire to activate a more structured and direct platform, and Bernitz Realty was formed. This new direction provided for enhanced management and the inclusion of similar investors to share in the company’s investment opportunities.

Bernitz Realty, enjoys a proven track record of sourcing quality projects that preserve invested capital through thoughtful asset plans that emphasize distributable cash flow to their investors. With more than two decades of experience in achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns, Bernitz Realty’s team seeks to identify market trends and unique situations that provide investment opportunity in diverse regional markets across multiple sectors.

Today, Bernitz Realty continues to invest its principal’s and investor’s capital, and actively manages more than two dozen projects in its portfolio and with a conservative leverage profile while the stabilized asset plans provide consistent cash flows that continue to generate attractive returns to their investor partners.

This cross-sector neutrality provides Bernitz Realty the flexibility to rise above the ebbs and flows of the marketplace, thereby avoiding the risk that occurs in sector concentrated real estate platforms. That strategy is further enhanced by spreading investments geographically, from the Baltic region (Riga and Liepaja) to Georgia (Tbilisi and Batumi) and Italy (Piacenza). We are an ideal investment option for low, medium and high net-worth individuals and family offices who want real estate exposure with tangible results, but don’t want to be involved in the time-consuming and complicated practice of identifying, transacting and personally executing on real assets. Capital preservation, capital appreciation, and cash flow — that’s the Bernitz Realty standard